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Diary Dates

Strawberry Concert – Saturday 9th July

Vintage Brass Concert – Friday 5th August

Feast Weekend – Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August

Harvest Supper – Saturday 1st October

Please see posters and village newsletter for more details nearer the time of each event.

Marian and Vince
421395 or email -


Save Money When Purchasing Your Heating Oil

Are you interested in saving money on your domestic heating oil?  If the answer is YES you might be interested to know about a scheme that is operating across Lincolnshire helping its members to do just that!

Community Lincs have run their Community Oil buying Scheme for the last 3 years, saving its members on average around 5p per litre on their heating oil.  The scheme is open to anyone in the county who uses heating oil to heat their homes and premises. The scheme works by bringing together oil buyers from around county and purchasing the oil collectively, with around 40,000 litres of oil being ordered each month.

The scheme is only £20 per year to join and includes advice on how to keep your tank safe from thieves and the benefit of their Oil Theft Alert System. Community Lincs also work alongside the Lincolnshire Credit Union, or Lincup, who have devised an Oil Savers Scheme to allow members to put aside money each month for their oil purchases.

If you are interested to know more about the scheme you can visit the Community Lincs website at or by giving them a call on 01529 301980. 

HECKINGTON AREA VOLUNTARY CAR SERVICE is urgently in need of drivers, are you a car owner with time on your hands, why not help out and make a difference to peoples’ lives. Can you spare a few hours a week driving patients to doctors or hospital appointments. 45p per mile allowance is paid. - Contact Mike  01529 461160.

SLEAFORD MEDICAL CENTRE, BOSTON ROAD, SLEAFORD. URGENT CARE CENTRE. Open weekdays 6.30.p.m to 8 p.m.  Saturdays and Sundays 8.a.m. to 8.p.m.
For patients of Millview Medical Centre, Heckington. It's a walk in centre no need for appointment.

What is CallConnect Bus Service?                                                    

CallConnect is a unique bus service whose timetable is not fixed but responds to passenger requests. This means its routes are different each day depending on the bookings made by passengers.  Journey requests can be made by telephone, online or by SMS text message. The service is designed to improve transport opportunities in rural communities and some market towns where there is an infrequent conventional bus services.                                                                                                 

 Who can use CallConnect?                                                              
Everyone! All are welcome to use the service regardless of age or status. You can use the service as frequently as required for anything from shopping or travelling to work or school to a social event or medical appointment. Even if you are on holiday in Lincolnshire and need a bus, contact our booking office and find out how we can help you.                        

How do I book a journey?                                                                      
You can book a CallConnect journey by calling our booking team on 0845 234 3344. When requesting a bus journey, have your membership number and journey details ready. You can also submit your travel requests online or via SMS text messages. You can make a booking up to seven days in advance. You can also request same-day journeys but please give a minimum of one hour’s notice. All bookings are subject to availability.    

The amount you pay to travel depends on your journey. Each service area is divided into zones – the further you travel, the more you pay. Booking office staff can tell you the cost of your journey so that you can have the correct fare ready. Children aged under 5 travel free with an accompanying adult. If you hold a valid concessionary bus pass due to age or disability, you can use it on CallConnect buses. Passes issued outside Lincolnshire are accepted during off-peak travel (after 9.30am).                

Opening and Operating Times                                                      
CallConnect operates 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday, and 8am-6pm on Saturdays. Details of any local variations are available from the booking office. The booking office is open from 8.30am-7pm, Monday-Friday; 8.30am-5pm on Saturday; and closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.          

Need a little help?                                                                                   
Our vehicles are fitted with low-floor steps and tail-lifts to ensure they are as easy as possible for everyone to use. Wheelchair users must inform us of the make and model to ensure it meets our safety standard of being impact-tested. Travel in a wheelchair is subject to availability and approval.

Enjoying your summer? We do hope so. Our traditional Village Feast Weekend August the 5th-7th will see many events in Helpringham which we hope you all support and enjoy.
At this time we at the Memorial Hall are busy with further developments and improvements and finalising our plans for the Diamond Jubilee in September. The Memorial Hall was opened in November 1956 but we felt September 17th and 18th would be a better time to celebrate as the weather might be kinder.

On Saturday September 17th, we shall be holding a fifties themed music night with Echoes of the Past and other musicians. This will be a ticketed event from 7.30pm to 11pm. Price £3.00. Guests will be asked to “bring a plate” contributing to a buffet table, in the spirit of the 1950s, and the licensed bar will be open. 1950s dress is optional and there will be a raffle.
Throughout the weekend the History of the Memorial Hall and its users will be on display.

On Sunday 18th September, we invite you all to join in our celebrations, as we hold an Open Afternoon and Garden Party, 1pm to 5pm, with a free cream tea and demonstrations and displays from many of the clubs that use the Hall. It should be a great opportunity to share your memories of the place and the people of Helpringham over the last sixty years.

Tickets for the Fifties Night will be available from mid-August from Laraine 421110 or at the Post Office (during Post Office Hours).


The winners of the 59 Club from 25th June through to 16th July were as follows, each winner received £30. All proceeds go to The Memorial Hall.

25th June        (16) Nick Drake
2nd July          (13) Mike Fulforth
9th July           (12) Peter Martin       
16th July         (41) Vince & Marian Stocking   


August 2016 HALL DIARY

Mon. 1st

Gathesby String Orchestra

1.30. p.m.
7 -9.  p.m.

Tues. 2nd  

Arts & Crafts
Sequence Dancing Improvers

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 3rd  

South Lincs Shadows Music Club

7.30. p.m.

Thurs. 4th

Lunch Club


Fri. 5th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon 8th

Gathesby String Orchestra

1.30. p.m.
7 -9. p.m.

Tues. 9th

Arts & Crafts
Sequence Dancing Improvers

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 10th

Petticoat Club
Parish Council

7.30. p.m.
7.30. p.m.

Fri.  12th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 15th      


1.30. p.m.
7.30. p.m.

Tues. 16th      

Arts & Crafts
Sequence Dancing Improvers

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Thurs. 18th    

Lunch Club


Fri. 19th  

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Mon. 22nd  

Gathesby String Orchestra

1.30. p.m.
7-9.   p.m.

Tues. 23rd   

Arts & Crafts
Sequence Dancing Improvers

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

Wed. 24th

Gardening Club

7.30. p.m.

Thurs. 25th   

History Society

7.30. p.m.

Fri. 26th

Kung Fu

7.00. p.m.

Sun. 28th

Chattershack Fun Sunday


Mon. 29th


1.30. p.m.

Tues. 30th

Arts & Crafts
Sequence Dancing Improvers

1.30. p.m.
7.00. p.m.

To Hire the Hall for all your functions, weekday rates are £7.00 per hour for clubs and £12.00 per hour for others and weekends, plus £10.00 for use of kitchen and £10.00 for use of Bar.£20.00 for use of license.
Hire of the Conference Room £6.00 per hour.
Daily Hire of complete Hall £140.00 (Refundable deposit of £50 may be required)
These prices include heating or air conditioning. For Bookings please telephone Laraine on 421110.

Enquiries re Baptism, weddings etc. should be made to The Reverend Chris Harrington on 01529 460904.
For other Church queries in Helpringham please contact Marian and Vince Stocking on 01529-421395

Firstly, thank you to all those who came along to the Church on 9th July for the Strawberry concert.  It was good to see so many of you and we hope that you enjoyed the concert.  Our thanks also go to Anthony Baldery for compiling and presenting the show. It was a pleasure to see the young people performing for us and we did not know that there was that much talent around!  Once again the ‘Never Knowingly Undercatered’ team swung into action and prepared a sumptuous strawberry themed supper which was very much appreciated by everyone.  Thank you one and all.
Our next event is the traditional opener to the Feast Weekend with a concert in the church by ‘Vintage Brass’ on Friday 5th August starting at 7.30.  Tickets are £8 and include a buffet supper with drinks available.  Please see the posters in this newsletter for more details. The weekend continues with the church being open from 10 am on Saturday with an exhibition by the Helpringham History Society with the theme of ‘The 1950s’.  There will be a floral arrangement competition, tombola stall and other attractions.  Refreshments will be available all day with the church closing at 4.00 pm.    The church will reopen on Sunday at 12.00 with another chance to see the exhibition.  The weekend closes with a ‘Songs of Praise’ service at 6pm.  Please see John West if you wish to have a special hymn included in the service.
A note for your diary is the Harvest Service will be held on Friday 30th September with the Harvest Supper taking place in the Memorial Hall on Saturday 1st October.  Please see newsletter next month for further details and ticket arrangements.
Vince and Marian

An extract from a missive issued by the three Bishops of Lincolnshire
On Thursday 23 June 2016, the people of Greater Lincolnshire voted overwhelmingly in support of leaving the European Union. The country followed a democratic process, and all of us who voted did so in good faith. Those of us who are disappointed should not cry foul just because the decision did not go our way.  Those who are pleased and excited should work hard to understand the concerns and principled position of those who voted to remain. All of us must respect the outcome of the referendum and not seek to diminish the views of those with whom we disagree. In reflecting on the referendum, we are especially concerned for those who feel vulnerable and frightened or who fear for their livelihood. It is our duty now to work together to provide reassurance and to strengthen cohesion in our communities, and not further to divide them.  We hope that you will join us in this task.
The referendum has revealed that there are deep divisions in our nation: between Scotland and England; between London and the regions; between younger and older people; between those who are comfortable and those who feel alienated. We thank God that we live in one of the most open and tolerant societies in the world. This is a privilege, and it brings with it the responsibility to be careful about how we express our differences.
The Christian gospel is quite clear that divisiveness, discrimination, and self-interest should have no place in the better society Jesus calls us to build.

Services in August
Sunday 7th August – Songs of Praise (just some well-known hymns and a few readings) at 6pm
Sunday 14th August – Holy Communion led by Rev Chris
Sunday 28th August – Morning Praise led by John West

Enquiries re baptism, weddings Funerals etc. should be made to Reverend Chris Harrington Tel 01529 460904

Very Best wishes and every blessing from the Parochial Church Council of St Andrew’s Church HELPRINGHAM
All the services across the group of parishes can be found on our website.
Rector - Rev Chris Harrington (01529) 460904


The July meeting was opened by the chairman thanking all members who helped provide cakes for the Swaton Show which was a great success and giving other information on various local fund raisers and reminders about the Diamond Jubilee of the Memorial Hall on September 17th and 18th.

Lois Fenn then gave members a talk on her early life as a child in Hull and her evacuation to Lincolnshire as a five year old. Many memories were shared of this Hull girl who regarded everyone on the other side of the Humber as southerners. Lois remembered the bombing and the time spent with her brothers under the table and later in the air raid shelter.
She was evacuated to Sleaford and then Leasingham which she believed to be paradise as fresh fruit and vegetables and open countryside were all new to her. “It was like being on another planet”. Even after returning to Hull she longed to return and later spent her school days in Sleaford and in later life returned to Lincolnshire to settle in Ruskington where she has since discovered one of her ancestors came from so she feels she has returned home.
The talk reminded many of our members of their days during the war, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our next meeting is  
ON WEDNESDAY 16th AUGUST at 7.30pm.

Jill Collinge will be telling us about Powder and Paint though the years, the story of make-up and how we have always sought to beautify ourselves. This promises to be interesting and entertaining.

New members will always be very welcome.

Lois Fenn will be telling us about her life from being born  in Hull to her move to life in Lincolnshire, which promises to be interesting and entertaining.

New members will always be very welcome.


July 2016 Meeting.

I was expecting a low turnout for this meeting as it clashed with both Wimbledon and the Euro 2016 Wales vs Portugal game, so I was pleasantly surprised when we had one of our best ever attendances of 20 people.

There were eleven players and nine spectators. 42 tunes were played with very few duplicates !!

At our club evenings we usually play 2 tunes in the first half and 2 in the second half, all fairly relaxed. That is a far cry from what the Shadows and Cliff Richard were doing in the early days. They were recording by day, in cabaret in the evening and playing various theatres for one night stands for weeks at a time. This inevitably took its toll and Cliff Richard lost his voice just before a performance at Hull. Rather than cancel they all went on stage and while the Shadows played as normal Cliff mimed, but another singer, Wee Willie Harris, was in the wings actually singing with a near perfect impression of Cliff. It is said that no one in the audience noticed – they were all too busy screaming. I wonder how we would cope with that sort of pressure ??

Well that’s enough for this month. There’ll be more snippets next month!

Meetings are held at the Memorial Hall from 7:30pm to 10:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting is Wednesday 3rd August.

Entry is £3 for guitar players and you just need to bring your guitar. Everything else is provided, backing tracks, echo machines, PA system. Or, if you have your own backing tracks they, can be accommodated on CD, minidisc, USB stick, mp3 player, smartphone or iPad etc.

You don’t need to play - you can just come and listen, have a chat, swap a few memories. Entry is just £2 for non players and light refreshments are included.

Dave Moore



The Garden Club started 2016 with a fun Social.  
The members enjoyed an evening of fun
with poems, games and some spontaneous  music
Of course refreshments and a good natter did help!

The Year's programme begins in earnest on 24th. February
Gail Summerfield will be giving a talk on Micro Gardens.
(this includes Pots, Hanging Baskets & Small Gardens.)
Gail has spoken to us on several occasions over the years
and always delivers a very informative and interesting  evening.

For the coming year we have a varied programme with talks ranging from Victorian Gardens
Bulbs  (Not Just For Spring)
A Wildlife Friendly Garden
A Gardener's Favourites  (Lincolnshire Plants & Gardens)
A tree growing Clinic with Trevor Rogers
(An opportunity to share our problems & success stories with an expert.)

We have two evening visits arranged and one day Coach trip.
In April we travel to Butters Group
who specialise in the growth & distribution of herbs
In June we visit a local Garden in Little Hale
Late summer sees us on a day coach trip to a venue to be arranged.

We always welcome visitors to our meetings.
Visitors fee is £2.00 per session / Annual Membership is £12.50

We meet in The Helpringham Memorial Hall
on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm
(unless previously arranged )

You do not have to be an expert to join
(very few of us are!!!)
Just have an interest